Friday, November 13, 2009

The Best-Laid Plans

I thought I was going to run last night to make up for Wednesday's travesty, but that didn't happen. I was tired on a scale I cannot easily hyperbolize.

But I got to one 8-day period, ending with the 12 mile run last Saturday, I ran 28.5 miles. No wonder I was tired!

This week is a back-down week anyway. A mere 6 miles tomorrow. (How weird that I'm at the point where running 6 miles is a "short" run.) So I'm OK with letting my legs rest a little. It'll be back to business next week...


  1. "running 6 miles is a "short" run"

    LOL darling! I think you needed the rest!

  2. FOR REAL. Despite it being a slow week running-wise, I will be going to bed early tonight nonetheless. ;)