Saturday, September 12, 2009

A No and A Yes

Best Buy did not get a shipment last night. Now I have to decide if I want to order a box set online, wait an undetermined amount of time for it to arrive (on account of it currently being sold out), and also pay for shipping...OR if I should go to Target this afternoon and buy all 14 CDs individually, exclusive box set packaging be damned. I told you my morning was going to be harrowing. I just had no idea the scope of the decisions that I would be forced to make.

But the run was good, though yet again I question the accuracy of Google's pedometer. I'm sure there are many, many steps added for every street crossing or sidewalk hopping that occurs during a run and those are things Google cannot take into any rate, what Google said would be just over 6.5 showed up as exactly 6.9 on my pedometer at the end of our run.

I'm going with my number. Essentially seven miles today! Hooray! In 1:20:43. For the first time this year, my feet hurt by the end of the run. That's a sure sign that the mileage is starting to add up. My pedometer also told me that I burned 614 calories before 8:00 am. As such, I feel no guilt whatsoever over the half-bag of Snyder's of Hanover mustard pretzels I ate when I got home.

I do feel guilt, though, for slacking on my cross-training this week. Only once, so far. If I'm still ambulatory a little later this afternoon, I'll try to bump that number up. But right now I need to go lie down and mull over my musical problems...and perhaps ice my knee, just to be on the safe side...

Early morning update.

It appears we're running 6.5 miles today. I don't even know how this is going to go. Though I realize I ran close to 6 miles last weekend, I seem mentally incapable of embracing any distance over 5...

But the marathoners will be doing 11.5 and that puts things in perspective. Eleven-point-five is precisely the kind of number that robs me of any desire to run a full marathon. Eleven-point-five isn't even the halfway point for those sorry sods. This is why I run halfs (halves?).

I'll be back to report on how it goes. But only AFTER I have taken care of this morning's business. I went to Best Buy yesterday to get my stereo remastered Beatles box set and the guy was all, "HA! We sold out of those in the first thirty seconds on Wednesday." Also sold out is Amazon and the guy told me that Best Buy was getting a shipment overnight if I wanted to check back tomorrow (this) morning.

So I have to run 6.5 miles, drive home, take a shower, and drive the half hour it takes to get to Best Buy, all before 10:00 am. WHERE COULD BLOGGING POSSIBLY FIT IN?! Nowhere. It must be delayed, because one must make sacrifices when a morning is set to be as harrowing as mine surely will be.

I'll have an update on all things later today.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The One After 9/09

It's official. This is the least successful blog I have ever started, in my life.

Good thing I entertain myself so! Also good that this random Beatles tweets person came up with my headline because MY GOD THAT IS CLEVER. Single-handedly the best thing I've ever seen from Twitter. Though I'm guessing that no one reading this will get the reference. (See first sentence of this paragraph.)

I am back now from the one-day vacation from exercise that was 09/09/09 (i.e. yesterday). There was so much Beatles excitement, and healthcare excitement, and I had to watch the President, and then I had to watch the Beatles Anthology on VH1, and it's not often that I have so much I have to watch so I had to take the day off, you see!

Also, it rained yesterday, so I couldn't have run anyway.

But I'm back at it now. Albeit still with a bit of caution. What is this illness that's plaguing me? :( I wish it would just blow up into something tangible and have done with it. Either that or go away already. To have it dancing around as it has has not been a pleasant experience. Although I'd label myself as "having improved" since Tuesday, so that's a plus.

Tonight I ran a measly 2 miles, and though I could have swung a third, I was keeping my Saturday mileage in mind and decided to take it easy. Today's time was 22:25 (11:26/10:59) which was faster than I much so that I'm not quite sure what to make of that. I have no details to record as there was nothing of particular interest about this evening's run. Except perhaps that it's been cloudy all day and I set out earlier than usual and got back earlier than usual and was thoroughly confused when I saw the time on account of thinking it much later. It takes very little to confuse me. Just clouds, apparently.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Summer makes a comeback.

It is humid, comrades. Very. Very. Humid.

It's fairly hot as well, what with this "temperatures over 90" business that's been going on for the past couple of days. I thought we were past all this, but no. September lives to spite me with its early-June-like weather.

There are two things that will kill a run faster than anything else: hills and humidity.

Hills can be conquered; the track where I run is, indeed, fairly hilly. Whip around that sucker a few times a week for three years or so and you'll learn to scoff at hills (not that I have, necessarily, but I can see how runners of the non-mediocre variety might).

Humidity, on the other hand, is a universal killer. It sucks the life out of you. The moisture in the air congeals to form a formidable wall of pushes against you with every can't keep know you can do better...but you can't breathe...

OK, it's (maybe) not that bad. I wanted you to feel sorry for me because I'm still kinda sick and it was the first day back at work after a long weekend and I was tired and wah, I really, really, really didn't want to run today.

But I did.

And it was HUMID. Despite all the hyperbolizing above, it is unequivocally true that humidity is the worst thing that can happen to a run. The. Worst. Actually, now that I think about it, there was very little hyperbolizing going on there. I speak the truth. And the southwest corner of Tennessee can generate a high air-moisture content with the best of them.

It's rarely a good sign when the sky starts spontaneously drooling raindrops, as was the case shortly before I ran.

On account of the weather not being ideal and me really not being into this today, I thought I'd mix it up a bit and try running my two miles super-fast, because people who know about such things say it's good to add in a bit of speed training every now and again.

My first mile went very nicely; I floated through it in 10:14. I felt quite good about that. Unfortunately, one mile was about all I had in me tonight, so the entire second mile was laborious and torturous and lots of other wince-inducing words that end in -ous (superfluous?). Mile 2 came in at 10:52, which is still faster than I usually run, but a effort on my part would have had those two times reversed.

And then when it was all over, my legs about gave out on me and I wouldn't have fought a black-out, had one crept up on me. But I wasn't all that out of breath or anything, so I'm guessing that was just my sinus infection.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


The finish photo. The moment of personal triumph. The runner crossing the finish line after a hard-run race, captured on camera for all to see.

Remember the elation I felt last Saturday? Was it only a week ago that I coasted through five miles in Overton Park and almost beat local celebrity Joe Birch? Oh, how I've wanted to see my finish photo from that race. 'Surely you will look fantastic!' I thought. 'Surely your accomplishment will be reflected in the graceful athleticism showcased in your finish photo.'

And what does my finish photo actually look like? Like this, my friends. THIS.

Who is this person? Why does she look like she's walking when I have it on good authority she was running? And I know she's getting ready to stop her watch (since she was a few second back from the starting line when the official clock got going and thus wants to know her actual time) but do her arms ALWAYS look like that?!?

Race photos. Nothing can suck the self-esteem right out of you after a good run like seeing what you looked like at the end of it. Dear. Lord.