Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Love-Running-LESS Day

In a very calculated move, I got my flu shot yesterday (seasonal; I'm too old for swine just yet). I usually get mildly ill from flu shots so I decided to get one on a day when I wasn't planning to run. So what happened? I felt great yesterday, but I didn't run anyway. And then I woke up this morning feeling sick. OF COURSE.

I was feeling mostly alright by this afternoon but you know...some days I just hate running. I hate it! I don't want to do it and I wonder why I put myself through this. I don't know what triggered my feelings today, but man did I not want to run.

But I kept going. I did 5 miles (!) in 58:16. It's the first time I've run 5 miles after work and the first time I've run 5 laps in my park (4 is as much as I've ever done on either count). I was dragging by the end of the third mile so to mix things up I ran the last two laps in reverse. The course is harder that way; the uphills are stretched out longer and the downhills not as steep. It was difficult. I'm tired. The first of the reunion people are coming in tomorrow so this might be the last time I run this week.

I think I'll be OK with that.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Back at it already.

Because I'll be missing this Saturday's long run, I need to run more during the work week than I usually do. Tonight I did four miles in 45:45. That kicks me over the 90-mile mark and as I was running this evening, I thought about how things have changed in the past two months or so.

And now I'll tell you about those things, via an enumerated list:

1. My lungs have caught up with me. Two miles, four miles, eight miles, whatever, as long as I keep a steady pace, I'm never out of breath.

2. I can run even when I don't feel great. I didn't sleep all that well last night and I was sneezing all day (ugh, fall allergies) and yet still I ran 4 miles today with no problems. And after a full day of work, no less.

3. My appetite has leveled off. When I first started training I was hungry all the time. I would just eat and eat and eat...but I don't get painfully hungry with no warning anymore. My body seems to have gotten used to me burning those extra calories.

4. The cross training has helped my posture. Stomach crunches are a life saver in stopping me from hunching over at the end of a run (and when sitting in front of a computer!).

5. I can stay up (a little) later and get up (a little) earlier. Weird, huh? I'm more awake when I'm awake (if that makes sense).

6. I generally feel better and have more energy. I also generally have nicer-looking legs.

So there you have it! Living proof that exercise does have health benefits. Now if I can just get my knees to adapt like the rest of me has...