Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Home Stretch

Well, this blog didn't turn out to be quite the success I envisioned when I started. I currently have nine unpublished draft posts in my queue, most of them months old, most of them subject lines only. I had a lot of ideas that I never did anything with; for a while there I thought I would spend a lot more time on this blog than I did. I guess we'll never know what thrilling commentary I would have wrung out of the opener "Let's Talk About Race Shirts."

On second thought, that one is probably best left unwritten.

This is not the last entry here, nor was tonight the last run before the half, but we're getting close. I did my one and only weekday run tonight. 4.5 miles in an inexplicably quick 46:48. (I mean seriously. That's a 10:24 pace! That's a full minute faster per mile than I usually run!!)

I'll run Saturday, maybe with the group, but maybe not, depending on what the schedule is and what's going on in the post-Thanksgiving hysteria and then...

...then I will rest. For one week. No running. And the following Saturday, I will run the half-marathon.

Then it will be over. And so will this blog (probably). The past few months have been an experiment of sorts, to see if I could follow a training regimen without Megan to coax me along and to see if I could stick to a semi-regular blogging schedule again. I think I succeeded on both counts.

I was pretty mediocre, but I knew that going into it (thus the name of the blog). It wasn't so much how well I ran (or blogged), it's that I did it. My goal was to get through it. And I'm *almost* there...


  1. Keep going darling! I'm still here! Wow 170 miles, you have been ruuning your little haeart out! Good luck for Saturdays run!

  2. I feel i have betrayed you and havnt visited this blog enough! So im here to apologize and to tell you that i do care and i am SO proud of your 170 miles so far! That is an acheivement in itself and you should be totally stoked with yourself! Good luck for the "home stretch" GO BECKY!

  3. Thank you both!!! And don't worry Sam...I kind of gave up on this blog myself. I just didn't do much to make it interesting, but I can't tell you how much I appreciate both of you reading anyway. You're good friends. :)